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Shaving Soap with Beard Brush

Shaving Soap with Beard Brush

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Our shaving soap is a peppermint scent that will provide a overall sense of clean. The shaving soap moisturizes and softens the beard for a smooth close shave. 

The Wood Bamboo Shaving Brush is a cleaning appliance shave tool brush that gently exfoliates the skin. It increases the bubble of shaving cream, producing a more comfortable shaving experience. The Dense filled brush head is beast for holding and distributing lather and will help soften and raise beards while gently exfoliating skin in preparation for a close, comfortable shave.


Zinc Alloy Metal

Rounded Comb Teeth

Portrait Engraving

Sterepscopic Engraving


0.2mm thickness

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Customer Reviews

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Refreshing Shaving Experience

Prepare to redefine your shaving routine with the invigorating Peppermint Scented Shaving Soap paired with a Brush. In this review, we'll delve into the remarkable qualities of this duo that promises a refreshing and enjoyable shaving experience.

Scent of Invigoration: Peppermint Infusion
The star of this shaving experience is undoubtedly the peppermint-scented shaving soap. As you lather up, the aromatic burst of peppermint creates an awakening sensation that invigorates your senses. It's a perfect choice to kickstart your day or to uplift your mood before a special occasion.

Lather Excellence with the Brush:
The included brush enhances the shaving process by creating a rich, creamy lather. Its bristles work harmoniously with the shaving soap, ensuring a smooth and close shave. The combination of soap and brush makes shaving feel less like a chore and more like a pampering ritual.

Cooling and Comforting Shave:
The peppermint scent not only delights your olfactory senses but also provides a subtle cooling effect on your skin. This soothing sensation adds an extra layer of comfort to your shaving routine, making it a welcome departure from traditional methods.

Skin-Caring Benefits:
The shaving soap is formulated with skin-caring ingredients that ensure your skin remains moisturized and protected during and after shaving. Say goodbye to razor burn and discomfort, and hello to a refreshed and hydrated complexion.

User-Friendly Application:
Both the shaving soap and brush are user-friendly and easy to incorporate into your routine. The brush's ergonomic design ensures optimal lather production, while the soap's texture aids in creating a perfect shaving surface.

The Peppermint Scented Shaving Soap with Brush duo is a game-changer for shaving enthusiasts. From its invigorating scent to its skin-nourishing benefits, this duo transforms shaving into an enjoyable self-care ritual. If you're seeking a shaving experience that goes beyond the ordinary, this duo is an excellent choice. Prepare to enjoy a refreshing shave with a hint of peppermint zest that lingers throughout the day.