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Hair Pomade

Hair Pomade

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Our hair pomade is designed for a perfect timeless look. Our pomade has a lightweight firm hold that sets firm without stiffness , It has the right amount of shine that doesnt dry out. Our hair pomade is a water based formula which washes out easily leaving no residue. Timeless grooming made easily. Our pomade can also be used for wave maintenance as well. 


Zinc Alloy Metal

Rounded Comb Teeth

Portrait Engraving

Sterepscopic Engraving


0.2mm thickness

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Customer Reviews

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A fragrant triumph hair pomade review

Prepare to be swept away on a scented journey as I delve into the enchanting world of this remarkable Hair Pomade. With scents that include Strawberry, Green Apple, Hami-Melon, Grape, Kiwi, and Cologne, this pomade takes hairstyling to a whole new aromatic level.

Scent Sensation:
The array of scents offered by this pomade is nothing short of breathtaking. From the sweet allure of Strawberry to the refreshing burst of Green Apple, every application is an invitation to indulge your senses. The fragrance not only envelops your hair but also lingers in the air, leaving a trail of captivating aroma.

Versatile Styling with Fragrance:
Beyond its scent, this pomade boasts remarkable styling prowess. It effortlessly gives you control over your hair, allowing you to craft a variety of looks. From casual to sophisticated, your hairstyle will stay in place while carrying the delightful aroma with you all day long.

Freshness That Lasts:
What sets this pomade apart is its ability to keep your hair looking and smelling fresh. Whether you're braving the elements or dancing the night away, this pomade ensures your style remains intact and your hair continues to exude an irresistible fragrance.

A Whiff of Luxury:
The inclusion of Cologne as a scent option adds a touch of sophistication to your grooming routine. It's as if you're applying a refined essence to your hair, elevating your overall presence.

Final Verdict:
This Hair Pomade is a sensory masterpiece that not only styles your hair but also infuses it with an array of delightful scents. With options like Strawberry, Green Apple, Hami-Melon, Grape, Kiwi, and Cologne, you have the power to match your mood and personality. If you're looking to elevate your hairstyling game while indulging your senses, this pomade is an absolute must-have. Say goodbye to mundane hairstyling and hello to a fragrant transformation.

The Hair Pomade Smells As Good As It Works

When I purchased the hair pomade I didn’t think it would work well with my waves. I purchased the Hami-Melon scent (black can) and the Grape scent (purple can) Hair Pomade. The hair pomade is a perfect mixture, it’s not too thick, not too watery and has a great consistency. When I tell you the hair pomade had my hair laid down with no white residue left after it was applied. Now let’s gets to the smell, both smelled great but the Hami-Melon smells so good. Each scent has a fruity scent and you can smell the scent once it’s applied. All I have to say is stop scrolling and buy. You won’t be disappointed.