The Newest Addition to Men's Grooming

The Newest Addition to Men's Grooming

Luxury King Men's Grooming is coming in hot with its new products. Luxury King Men's Grooming is a new grooming company based in Houston, Texas. They have high-quality products and plan's to make a significant impact on men's grooming. 

They have their Beard Comb, which looks like no other comb you have ever seen. The comb has a male with a bowtie on each side of the comb, which gives a new meaning to a classic man. The text on one side says The Men's Time, and the back text says Luxury King. The beard comb has three colors you can choose from gold, silver, and black.

The following product is their Shaving Soap set. This product is for you if you like the retro feeling of going to the barbershop to get a shave. When I say retro, I mean when instead of shaving cream to shave, your barber wets the shaving soap and uses the beard brush to create a rich foam to begin your shave. 

Of course, the Beard Brush is next. Every men's grooming company needs a signature beard brush. The Beard brush is a 100% Wild Boar Beard Brush. The luxury King logo is engraved on the back of the brush so everyone can know where you purchased this item. 

You can't mention beard care without beard balm. There are five scents to choose from, Vanilla, Musk, Aqua, Cologne, and Sandlewood. Each scent was designed with each man in mind. From sweet to just right, they have the perfect scent for you. 

Now with that being said, you have to have a good beard shampoo and beard conditioner to wash all of the products you have used for your beard throughout the day. The beard shampoo and beard conditioner come as a set and help nourish and repair your beard for a clean and soft feeling. 

Lastly, for now, we have hair pomade. Hair pomade has been a staple of men's grooming for several years. Luxury King has launched their hair pomade for strong hold. There are six scents to choose from: strawberry, green apple, grape, kiwi, Hami melon, and a cologne fragrance. Each scent will cater to the needs of that specific customer. We see bright things in store for Luxury King Men's Grooming. 



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