Our Products Are Right on Time For the Holiday

Our Products Are Right on Time For the Holiday

With the holidays around the corner, don't forget to check out Luxury King Men's Grooming to give that special someone. We have five beard balm scents to choose from. Vanilla is always a classic holiday scent, and it's smooth and soothing with a hint of sweetness. Sandalwood and Musk is a classic scent for beard balm, and it has a beautiful aroma of masculine smell. Finally, Aqua and Cologne are scents that fall closer to the smell of actual cologne.

We also have five scents for our hair pomade. All scents are fruity except the silver container, which has a mild cologne scent. Our other scents include strawberry, grape, kiwi, Hami-melon, and green apple. The stand-out scent goes to Hami-melon, a distinct fruity smell you fall in love with immediately. Next, the grape will make you think the fruit is in your hands. Next, the green apple and kiwi scents are well-balanced, sweet, and tangy. Finally, the strawberry scent smells very sweet.

Furthermore, our wonderfully crafted beard brush is made from 100% wild boar hair brush. We also have beard combs in silver, gold, and black. When I tell you that you have never seen luxury combs like this before, I mean it.

Our final products are our Beard Shampoo and Conditioner and shaving soap with a shaving brush. The beard shampoo and Conditioner help keep your beard soft and provide an additional shine. If you are into the old-school way of shaving, our peppermint shaving soap is for you. The shaving soap comes with our shaving brush and has a great lather that moisturizes and softens the beard for a smooth close shave.

Remember to message us if there are products that you are currently interested in that are not currently on our website. We would love the feedback.

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